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Connected Workforce
Connected Workforce

Connected Workforce enables companies with a distributed workforce to reduce time and cost when handling maintenance and sales activities.

Streamlines manual processes to find the appropriate personnel in the field. Dispatchers can coordinate with internal staff or 3rd party contractors and are able to track agents/crews, assign jobs, and plan routes through easy-to-use, map-based visualizations. Collect and view team productivity and metrics for in progress or completed assignments and to analyze historical performance for future work.

Role based access control so that data is only sent to those with a “need to know”. This is especially beneficial when coordinating with 3rd party contractors. Integrates with Active Directory or other LDAP software


Make better decisions with your data.

GeoSmart serves as the middleware to integrate enterprise data systems (e.g. ERP and CRM) with location intelligence via Google Maps to visualize business insights. Customer business data and logic is maintained in the original database and dynamically uploaded into the mapping experience, avoiding data duplication and maintaining security. GeoSmart can be delivered via a web-based experienced tailored for Google Cloud Platform or on-premise for sensitive customer environments.

With GeoSmart, you can visualize large data sets, analyze trends based on location and time, more easily distribute data across teams, and improve data quality. Visualize vector data sets (points, lines, polygons) and overlay custom imagery. Visualize your customer database. Create workspaces and jobsites.


GeoCore is our framework software modules and classes that we use have used to successfully deliver several location intelligence web solutions. It successfully integrates business and transactional data systems such as CRM, ERPs, etc into a Google Basemap with pre-existing and tailorable business functions.

It includes:

  • Front End Visualization - visualize massive data sets of points, lines, polys. Dynamically change colors and render data on the map over time
  • Back end processor - pre-processes data into optimized formats for query and retrieval, binary data transfers and APIs
  • Access Control - out of the box full featured and configurable role based access control. Integrates natively with Active Directory and LDAP.
Sales Dashboard
Sales Dashboard

The Sales Dashboard application is able to aggregate and display sales and operational data across a distrubuted region. Visualize and track operational and maintenance costs for personnel and assets, visualize the flow of revenue as customer accounts are opened, moved, or closed. Analysts also have a powerful tool for tracking usage and customer trends internally and preparing for future needs while sales and marketing teams are able to deliver increased customer clarity on all products and services.

Indoor Mapping
Indoor Mapping

Take your mapping indoors. Navagis allows for companies to leverage maps and navigation inside corporate facilities. Track employees and assets. Show customers and visitors the best route to their destination. Create you own custom and interactive street view experience for your facilities.

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform
Google Cloud Premier Partner

Why work with a Google Cloud Partner?

Get Tailored Cloud Solutions

As a trusted Cloud Partner, Navagis combines our technology and expertise with Google Cloud Platform to create magic. We offer complete solutions tailored to fit your industry, key workloads, company size, and technical competency..

Google Maps

Google Maps

Google Maps Software Solutions and Consulting

Google provides a rich set of location APIs for building amazing web and mobile applications. Navagisprovides consulting and software solutions for firms to leverage these APIs in their business operations.

  • Google Maps Javascript API
  • Google Maps SDK for iOS
  • Google Maps Android API
  • Google Maps Static Maps API
  • Google Maps Street View Image API
  • Google Maps Directions API
  • Google Maps Geocoding API
  • Google Maps Distance Matrix API
  • Google Maps Elevation API
  • Google Maps Geolocation API
  • Google Maps Roads API
  • Google Maps Time Zone API
  • Google Places API
Navagis Solutions - Google Maps

Google Earth Enterprise - Open Source (GEE)

Google Earth Enterprise

Solutions, Consulting, and Support of OpenGEE

Navagis is a proud member of the Open GEE Consortium that has stewardship of the GEE source code and feature roadmap. Together with our partners we will continue to provide support and innovation for this amazing technology. Please join us at our community page: www.opengee.org

Google Earth Enterprise is the open source version of Google Earth focused on offline, enterprise visualization of geospatial data. Google Earth Enterprise helps organizations with imagery and other geospatial data make information accessible and useful to all employees via an intuitive and fast 3D application.

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Google Earth Enterprise - Open Source
About Navagis

Navagis is a Google Cloud Premier Partner and Location Intelligence company. As a global leader in location intelligence solutions, Navagis transforms organizations through data discovery, machine learning and visualization. Navagis is a world leading expert on Google Maps and Cloud and has offices throughout the USA, Japan and Asia Pacific.

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